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    The Sentinel's journal


    Dorian Mason

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    The Sentinel's journal

    Post by Dorian Mason on Thu 8 Jul 2010 - 19:56

    The Sentinel's Observation Report
    I'm writing this so my fight can carry on to my last breath and beyond. If you're reading this, I couldn't set things right and someone needs to carry on my work.

    I believe my enemy to be a monster named Alphaeus. He travelled with a woman called Morphine, whom he seemed to have under some kind of brainwashing or hypnosis. He gathered a series of powerful artifacts that allowed him to open a portal to heaven, which he lead several people through and we thought that was the last we'd see of him. Some time later, however, we were attacked by Alphaeus' allies, who reclaimed Morphine from our company. At this time there was an angel in the city that seemed to sympathize with us. I went to this angel for information on Alphaeus, whom, as it turns out, was immediately cast out from heaven. Because of my source of this information, I wasn't able to share it openly and now, suddenly, several of the others are acting strangely, and I suspect Alphaeus has finally come back for us. How many of the others have fallen under his spell? I cannot say. I can only remain vigilant and look for key clues.

    May's entry
    The papers have identified Malicia/Corral and Molior as being responsible for the murder of several civilians at a house party. Malicia changed her identity and started looking for the relatives of the victims saying she wanted to protect them. At this time the winesses and the family of the victims were being systematically murdered. These crimes are obviously linked so I watched Malicia/Corral for the month, but didn't catch her doing anything wrong(FAIL!). I did see Shamus following her as well.The fact that he's wary of her likely means I can trust one of them, but there's no telling what Shamus' motives were, and he'd been acting distant and withdrawn. I suspect he was one of the ones involved in the convenience store robbery. Now, if Malicia/Corral wasn't the link to the witness murders, then it must be either Molior or the puppet master taking direct action. I probably can't trust Molior.

    Later in the month, in the last week before Census, someone tried to influence my mind into believing God was wrong, or, specifically, that believing in Him was. I don't think it's the same as the brainwashing power but rather someone under it's influence. Of note, Malicia/Corral left the house the day before it happened and did not return. This incident could mean we can't rule out that a Devil is responsible, and not Alphaeus.I'll have to be on my guard at Census.

    June's entry
    Found a Nephilim in Municiple jail for murder and cannibilism. Seems like one of our boys. Claims to know nothing of Alphaeus, will need further persuasion. Someone else is questioning him, but who? Tyg?
    People are still dying!
    The drug story is a bust.
    Something... in my head!!! Everything is in chaos and destruction.Alphaeus' power is astounding.I must put a stop to this!!! Now!(Temp trauma breakdown fun)

    Dorian Mason

    Number of posts : 25
    Age : 29
    Registration date : 2008-11-30

    Re: The Sentinel's journal

    Post by Dorian Mason on Thu 8 Jul 2010 - 20:13

    Who do I Trust

    Shamus-Possible. Wary of Malicia/Corral. Suspiciously withdrawn
    Malicia/Corral-Possible. Suspicious, but observation did not reveal anything wrong.
    Hack-Unsure. Connections to the media. Pointed out murdered reporters? Not attending next Census.
    Sephrian-unsure. Brought Malicia home. Offered littleexplaination.
    Eliel-Unsure. Previously targeted for attack
    Molior-unlikely. If Malicia isn't responsible for the murders of the witnesses, he must be the link
    Cole-probable. Seems to have missed last Census
    Edward-probable. Seems to have missed last Census
    Murmur-unsure. Insists doesn't remember last Census. Scared. Spreading fear.
    Terra-unsure. Insists incident was drug related.
    Tyg-Went Nephilim hunting.Found Nothing. "Wierd visions and dreams"
    Mihr-"remembers enough to remember that"
    Eliel-"out of town most of the month"
    Tyg-angry and impatient
    Shamus-unexplained absence

    Did Shamus attack Malicia/Corral?

    Divine-Shrouds and secrets
    Edward-no longer sees Angels as people
    Molior-"finally make a move" "complicated issue" defiant of King. Challenge Bal to duel to hollow death
    Bal-"anything that belongs to her"
    Adam-sharing secrets with Eliel and Tara
    Sephrian-wants to be alone

    New guy: actual drugs. Daniel. Sticking to drug story
    Eliel: has lead on "Shroud"
    Molior: vigorous training
    Shamus: Arrives on cue. Spreading "Shroud" fears
    Cat: Soul searching. "Enlightening".
    Tara: Claims no news
    Tara and Shamus: Aparantly nothing to talk about
    Adam: Vision of him with crown and dark eyes with bloody hands
    Tim: Vision of him between two Nephilim.
    Cat: Spreading fear of city's destruction.

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